Val KilmerCameo/Guest Appearance

Palo Alto

9 May, 2014

In this high school drama directed by Gia Coppola and based on the collection of short stories by James Franco, Kilmer plays Stewart,  April’s (emma Roberts) video game playing, stoner stepfather. The brief role finds Kilmer offering fatherly advice and support to his less than appreciative charge.  Co-starring James Franco and Jack Kilmer. Jack:

Yeah, he just kind of said like dad stuff. [Laughs] He’s really supportive and he would say like, ‘You just got to breathe and be super honest and tell the truth and take risks and just have so much fun.’ And that was kind of it. I’d ask him for advice sometimes, but he also understood that I wanted to figure a lot of it out on my own, because that’s kind of just my style.

Palo Alto Movie CLIP - I Corrected Your Paper (2014) - Val Kilmer, Emma Roberts Movie HD

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