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VR46 Academy football game

17 Mar, 2016

Rossi and his VR46 Academy team play a friendly seven-aside football game over two ten-minute halves against Hernandez, who is backed up by Aspire Academy team and former Espanyol player Sergio Garcia. The Aspire Academy team wins victory 3-2. Rossi:

As a football lover, getting the opportunity to play against a great player as Xavi Hernandez is something very special. I told my team to do their best and really go for it, but there was little we could do against such a line-up!


Sharing an experience like this with a motorcycling legend like Valentino Rossi is unique. I’m proud to take part in a game like this against him and his team and I have to admit they were really into it and playing for the win, not just training!

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