Walter Scott

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14 Apr, 2015

Judge assigned


Judge in Slager caseSouth Carolina’s Supreme Court assigns Judge Newman to have exclusive jurisdiction over the case against former officer Slager. A release on the Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson’s Facebook page reads:

Judge Newman shall decide all matters pertaining to this case, including motions to appoint or relieve counsel, and shall retain jurisdiction over this case regardless of where he may be assigned to hold court and may schedule such hearings as may be necessary at any time without regard as to whether there is a term of court schedule.

13 Apr, 2015

Won’t face death penalty


Slager won’t face death penalty for shooting Scott. Charleston County’s chief prosecutor Scarlett Wilson:

Based on the facts revealed thus far, it does not appear South Carolina’s death penalty provision applies in this case because there are no statutory aggravating circumstances present.

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