Ricky SteamboatWCWInterview

Pro Wrestling Radio interview

3 May, 2000

Steamboat speaks the injury he suffered in his last match in WCW:

I had my last match with Stone Cold and at the time he was wrestling as Steve Austin, just as Steve Austin in Roanoke, VA August of ’94. We were both standing on the top rope. He does a thing where he gives me a push off the top rope and is customary in our business, and which I have done a thousand times, like a lot of guys. You just fall straight back and land flat on your back. But this time, I don’t know, maybe there was some oil on the top rope or the turnbuckle. I’m guilty of it. I do put some baby oil just to enhance the body. My foot slips. As I’m falling back, instead of landing flat on my back I land in a sit up position. In other words, I land on my tail bone and I did a spinal compression on two discs.

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