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6 Jul, 2005

Karrine Steffans interview


Williams interviews Karrine Steffans during an episode of  The Wendy Williams Experience. Williams questions Steffans on latest book The Vixen Diaries, multiple abortions and breast implants. 

Yes I have breast implants. Um this is my first set. I paid for them myself eventually. I’m going to get a second set. I got these when my son was born. So you have to replace them every seven to ten years, so I’m getting a new set soon. I have been told not to go up in size. But I’m inclined to go up just a little.

July 6 2005 Hour 1 2 and 3 SUPERHEAD INTERVIEW

27 Nov, 2009

Tameka Foster interview


Williams interviews celebrity stylist Tameka Foster on The Wendy Williams experiment on her career and what she thinks of Usher’s relationship with his mother.

You know a lot of rumors are started by music and record label people. It’s bad because Usher and his mother have a very unique relationship. He loves his mother very much. He takes his mother to every award show. Like that’s his date most times. He loves his mother, he respects his mother but they have its almost like a split personality relationship. She’s his manager so when their talking about management, business, numbers, times, dates. It’s like that but that’s mommy. He kisses on her, that’s mommy.

Wendy Williams interviews Tameka Foster

17 Feb, 2010

Michelle Williams interview


Williams interviews Michelle Williams and questions her on life after Destiny’s Child and being in the Broadway production of Chicago.

It is going wonderful. It is a dream come true. I mean Broadway, I remember coming here over 10 years ago at the Time Square and seeing all of the lights for the Broadway shows and at the time I couldn’t even afford to go to one. Now I’m in one.

Michelle Williams On Wendy Williams (FEB 16, 2010) - HIPHOPNEWS24-7.COM

12 Apr, 2010

M.I. interview


Williams interviews M.I. on his success, family and how he came up in the business.

I went to college in the states from 1991 to 2003 then I went back home to Nigeria. Like Most musicians I think the parents know early on in life. They have it in the back of their minds like I know he’s probably going to do something with music eventually. So my parents were really supportive. They really been, they like my biggest fans now. My dad calls me M.I.

M.I. interview with Wendy Williams

20 May, 2010

Mowry interview


Williams interviews Tia and Tamera Mowry on marriage, life as twins and their careers.

When Tia got married I (Tamera) have to say it was kind of a bitter sweet experience. Because Tia and I were so close and were still close but I felt some what like I was, you know losing my best friend.


Tia and Tamera Mowry on The Wendy Williams Show 5-20-2010

10 Sep, 2010

Fantasia interview


Williams interviews Fantasia and questions her about affair with married man Antwaun Cook, failed suicide attempt, and career. 

There isn’t a whole lot I can say about Antwaun legally, otherwise you and I could have sat down for days and talked about this situation. But you know the bad part about it is when press gets things. They take it and blow it up into their own story. And they have done that to me all the time. They did that with the foreclosure and calling me dumb. They just turn their own story on it.

Nicki Minaj interview


Williams interviews Minaj and questions her on why her father burned their house down.

No he did. It wasn’t an attempt, he did burn the house down and my mother was in the house. She had to like you know run out at the last-minute, but she had a dream the night before that the house was gonna get burned down. So she, me and my brother were not in the house. She had us sleep at a friend’s house.

Nicki Minaj on The Wendy Williams Show

20 Dec, 2010

Vivica Fox interview


Williams interviews Vivica Fox and discuses her mid life crisis, love life and having a baby.

I think that my career has been my baby for such a long time and I have done well by that. Now you know I waited for god to send me a good man and hes a good southern man.

Is Vivica A. Fox Ready to Get Married?

30 Dec, 2010

Chico Debarge interview


Williams interviews Chico Debarge on the Wendy Williams Experience, questioning him on his famous family, career and  rumors of his love child.

That was my brother? Alright I’m not going to make you look crazy out here. I know that those rumors are going around because I have heard them myself from family and close friends. I believe that there is a strong possibility. But then again that’s only a strong possibility that I could have a child. I really don’t want to say something and be unsure because it would be unfair.

Wendy Williams interviews Chico Debarge

26 Feb, 2011

Thomas Gibson interview


Williams interviews Thomas Gibson, and questions him on family, career, and his seven years acting on TV show Criminal Minds.

My wife and I about seven or eight years ago decided to move to her home town which is San Antonio Texas. And of course nothing will get you a job back in LA faster than leaving. So upon leaving, so now I go back and forth pretty much every week. You know its great cause my kids grow up with their cousins around and you know there family.

Thomas Gibson - The Wendy Williams Show

5 Apr, 2011

Dancing With The Stars elimination


Williams gives an interview backstage after filming Dancing With The Stars and discusses her feelings on her elimination. 

I’m relieved. I’m getting on a jet plane and going back to everything that’s near and dear to me that I’ve neglected personally for this six-week journey. I have a 10-year-old son and any parent knows that 5th grade and being 10 is a child on the brink! I have a 12-year marriage and a talk show that demands my attention, too.

8 Apr, 2011

Tyrese interview


Williams interviews Tyrese Gibson and questions him on his book How To Get Out Of Your Own Way. In the book and during the interview Gibson tells why he thinks men cheat.

I don’t have all the answers but I can say that most mothers raise their daughters to believe that if you cook, clean, take care of your man, that will keep him home. But unfortunately that’s not the truth. But what I would say to my daughter once she gets older and starts dating is if you end up being cheated on. Don’t own the cheat. Don’t make the cheat yours. It was like he seen something in that skirt, those legs and whatever the case may be and decided to dip off but if he cheats then that spaghetti wouldn’t keep him there.

Tyrese Gibson on Wendy Williams

24 Apr, 2011

P-Square interview


Williams interviews group P-Square and questions how fame has changed them and their home town of Niagara.

Well most of the time when I go home I feel like Michael Jackson. We find ourselves performing in different countries. People are screaming and things like that, so it makes us feel like come on we from Africa and this happening to us. So I’m glad we are in America maybe we can expect that a lot.

P-Square interview with Wendy Williams

19 Sep, 2011

Charlie Sheen interview


Williams interviews Charlie Sheen and questions him about his two live-in girlfriends Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly. 

It was really an experiment. Just seeing if you could keep two women together peacefully under the same roof. It’s really hard. Unless they’re lesbians, you know?

Will Charlie Sheen Get Married Again?

1 Nov, 2011

Draya interview


Williams interviews Basketball Wives star Draya and questions how she came to fame and the difference between Draya and Kim Kardassian. 

Both of you have had your come-up on your backs. Here’s the difference, Draya, Draya’s people and Draya’s fans: Kim owns how she came up. Kim then got a machine behind her, led by her mother and the rest of her family, and has swapped America with some Jedi mind trick where we now love the Kardashians for good, for bad or indifferent.

Basketball Wives LA: Draya Michele

2 Nov, 2011

Henson interview


Williams interviews Taraji P. Henson on career, love life and family.

Here is the thing. I never mix business with pleasure. I’m saying this to the young girls out there. Whatever you do in your private life should be just that private. You know if you a hoe girl be a hoe behind the scenes. Seriously, I mean that because if you’re having sex with them. Why would they ever want to work with you again. Think about it.

Taraji P. Henson: Baby Boy Movie Sequel?

30 Nov, 2011

Monica interview


Williams sits with Monica for a one-on-one interview on her recent marriage to husband Shannon Brown , career and pregnancy rumors.

I’m very spiritual and I believe sometimes we have our own plan and God has another. So I had decided that it would just be me an my kids. Remember me explaining to you I’ll just be by myself? You know, I think sometimes I see a little to much, because of what I do I see what the men do when their wives are at home, the whole 9 yards. So I was like I’ll be alone, works for me. I already have kids. I go to work one day, I was shooting the Love All Over Me video. I go into the shoot and he walks in and of course he’s so easy on the eyes.



1 Dec, 2011

T.I. and Tiny interview


Williams interviews T.I. and Tiny and talk about their reality TV show, rumors of a breakup and the 50 cent controversy.

Oh my God. I’ve already been very vocal about how I felt as it pertains to that. I’ve already had a conversation with Fif and… we now have a concise understanding.You know what Wendy we’ve moved on.

T.I. and Tiny on The Wendy Williams Show

20 Mar, 2012

Coco interview


Williams interviews Coco on her workout routine, marriage and health scare.

My blood pressure is actually good right now. It was 174. That’s a reason why I can’t have a baby right now because I have to lower it. If I don’t and I have a baby then I could have a heart attack.

Coco on The Wendy Williams Show

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