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Andy Cohen interview

10 May, 2012

Williams interviews Andy Cohen and talks about why he lied to Oprah.

I had worked at CBS news for 10 years. I am the biggest Oprah fan, huge. So she was coming into the studio to tape an interview to post tape an interview after the show. I had tried to also get her to do a separate interview for a series I was doing about talk show queens of the day. Then her people politely declined. I kept asking and they kept declining. I am so crazy and my mouth has gotten me into so much trouble. So during the interview I just say keep rolling the tape we will do the second interview. I lied to Oprah. People are asking what are you doing. I’m like I don’t know whats going on? Later that day I get a phone call in my office It’s Oprah.

Andy Cohen Pleads the Fifth

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