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Brian Boitano interview

13 Feb, 2014

Williams interviews Boitano about his career, family and the Olympics. When questioned about his experience being gay in the Olympics replied.

It was weird growing up in figure skating because all the guys I competed with were straight, everybody that I toured with was straight. Like I was one of the only ones, I know because they had girlfriends and stuff like that so I was always really quiet about who I was personally. After the Olympics in fact my agent at the time said, “you got to go on these talk shows and you know say that you want to get married and stuff. I don’t know if your gay or not”. I was like “Oh my God, how did he know I’m gay?” because I was in this world of all these strait guys competing, you know. I didn’t even know that people thought that figure skaters might be gay.

Olympian Brian Boitano

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