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Jaime Pressly interview

4 Jun, 2014

Williams interviews Jaime Pressly and asks questions about her family, her show Jennifer Falls,  and how her shoe addiction got her a boyfriend.

My boyfriend, he owns a shoe store. I was shopping on 3rd street in Santa Monica with my girlfriends one day where his store is. We walked into the store and there he was in the back. He had just walked out of the back where they keep the shoes and I walked in and he walked in and it was like yeah. I kept buying shoes and I would come back and say do you have these? Like a couple days later, what shoes do you have in my size? Great can you order these and I will come back and get them in three days. Slowly but surely I had just decided everyone would get shoes for Christmas this year.

Jaime Pressly's "Shoe Game"

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