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Jeff Lewis interview

6 Mar, 2014

Williams interviews Lewis and questions him about his boyfriend, future plans, reality TV, and his design show Flipping Out.

Well the first thing I do when I go into people’s houses is I edit. So you’d be surprised at how much stuff you collect, so I go through and I move things around from room to room. Of course easy things, pillow, throws, books I do a lot with books. That is like the designers trick. Even something like changing out a lamp. Rugs, and I do not spend a lot of money on rugs. It just, it makes no sense every time I have spent money on a rug a dog has thrown up on it. And then I wanted to kill my self because I have spent a lot of money on rugs, so I do not do that. If you keep it inexpensive you can switch it, you know. like a sweater.

Jeff Lewis' Reality Show Dish!

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