Wayne BradyWendy Williams

Wayne Brady interview

19 Feb, 2014

Williams interviews Brady and questions him on hosting the BET Honors, his daughter and career. When questioned about how he introduces his girlfriends to his daughter:

Earlier when I was dating, I was not very bright about it, because I didn’t know you needed a time to make that happen. Now I understand, six months at the minimum, because you don’t want to grow up with someone. Like we’ve had folks that I know where they’ve got a lot of aunties. Auntie Jasmine, Auntie Sissy. Well where’s your auntie? I don’t know, they’re not my auntie anymore. So I want her to, when I bring someone into her life that it’s real, it’s gonna stick, then that shows my respect for her.

Wayne Brady Hosts The BET Honors

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