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Possible sighting

4 Jun, 2014

Kenyan police investigate reports of a white woman’s attempt to cross the border into Somalia.  The unknown woman allegedly paid two policemen to escort her in a rented vehicle to the border, where she was stopped.  She reportedly told immigration officials that she had a package to deliver to Kenyan troops stationed in southern Somalia and then disappeared when told she could not cross. Anti-terrorism sources in Nairobi downplay the event, saying:

She is long gone, in Somalia, perhaps, or Tanzania, we don’t know, but we do know that even she would not be stupid enough to return to Kenya then hire police officers to try to help her escape again into Somalia.

A local police commander says that the woman was a Spanish tourist who has since returned home, but he declines to give any more details.  Detectives are still looking into the incident.

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Samantha LewthwaiteWhite Widow

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