Samantha LewthwaiteWhite WidowMakes Statement

Radical mosques ‘poisoned’ husband’s mind

4 Sep, 2005

Fifteen days after giving birth, Lewthwaite tells the media that her husband met a group of men at a prayer meeting last year and began to travel for days at a time, visiting mosques around the country. She assumed he was at a mosque on the 7th, reported him missing after the bombings, and then her “world collapsed” when police then showed her CCTV footage of him on his way to the attack.  

How these people could have turned him and poisoned his mind is dreadful.  He was an innocent, naive and simple man. I suppose he must have been an ideal candidate…What on earth had changed so much so quickly to turn him from loving husband and father to a man who could carry a bomb on to a Tube train and kill.

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