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‘Wikipedia, A New Perspective’

16 May, 2014

In article in Huffington Post, Chopra continues his criticism of Wikipedia:

Key facts or relevant events in our lives or research are being omitted, efforts to include them in the articles by neutral editors are being met with harassment, defamation and personal attacks. Skeptic activists on Wikipedia are on a campaign to discredit notable biographies that deal with any form of alternative viewpoints and because I am a highly public proponent, my own article has been made into a ‘ground zero’ for these same skeptics who have sought to discredit my name and work for over 15 years.

In an effort to regain his reading of Wikipedia’s principle of “neutrality” Chopra says a team of researchers and historians has formed the ‘Integrative Studies Historical Archive and Repository.’ which will represent his work and biography on Wikikipedia.


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