Will FerrellFilm Appearance

Everything Must Go

10 Sep, 2010

Ferrell stars in this comedy drama film based on the short story Why Don’t You Dance? by Raymond Carver. He plays alcoholic salesman Nick Halsey who gets fired from his job of 16 years, loses his wife, and gets locked out of his house at the same time. With his bank accounts frozen and all of his possessions strewn about the front lawn, he tries to get to grips with his life as he sells his belongings one by one.

First of all, I just really thought it was one of the stronger scripts I had read in a long time. Dan Rush the writer and director had done such a remarkable job and I loved getting a chance to play a character like this, you know, a real piece of acting for me. I also love the unique premise of this movie, I felt like you know, to watch a guy be exposed to the entire world and live his life in front of everyone was something I hadn’t seen before.

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