Will Ferrell

Stand-up comedy training


After graduating, Ferrell’s mother urges him to take a stand-up comedy course at Irvine Community College. Ferrell is initially nervous and leaves the first class without doing anything, then skips the second class. On his third class, he finally performs his material.

There was dead silence. The next time I did it again. Suddenly everybody was laughing. I couldn’t figure it out. Finally someone said they couldn’t understand what I was saying before. I was so nervous and speaking so fast, I was, like, eating the mike.

Instructor Steve Klasky says:

I’ve seen a lot of talented people come through my course. But I never assume they’re going to reach success. Will had it right from the start. You could tell from his first routine. He was dynamic on stage. He had it comedically and, more than that, he was focused. He was my prize student.

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