Yitzhak RabinBirth

Yitzhak Rabin born in Jerusalem

1 Mar, 1922

rabin as babyRabin is born in Jerusalem. His father Nehemiah Rabin, is immigrant from the U.S. who serves with the Jewish Legion and works with the Palestine Electricity Corporation. His mother Rosa Rabin (nee Cohen) is one of the founders of the Jewish defense force, Haganah, and works as a bookeeper. The family moves to Tel Aviv when Yitchak is one. There he goes to Beit Hinuch Leyaldei Ovdim elementary school followed by the Kadoorie Agricultural School at Kfar Tabor which he chooses to attend because he wants to become a farmer. He has one younger sister.

At my parents house I absorbed values that guided me throughout my life.

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