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Flood victims petition

8 Jul, 2015

Mugabe is petitioned by Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims who accuse his government of abandoning them. In a petition sent to his office, the villagers request Mugabe visit them so that he can see for himself the conditions at their new settlement.

We write this urgent appeal to you on behalf of 20 000 victims of the Tokwe-Mukosi floods who have been dumped at Nuanetsi ranch in Mwenezi. We do not have food and we are facing starvation,We feel like people in prison.Your government is treating us like second-class citizens and as if we are people with no rights,

Your government has forced us to settle on Nuanetsi ranch this place is not suitable for people to live. Despite promises, your government has failed to compensate many of us and allocate each family enough land (at least 5 hectares) for resettlement. Instead each family was allocated one hectare plot of land only, Your excellency, we ask you to come as soon as possible to Nuanetsi ranch to see for yourself the conditions we are living under.

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