2014 World Cup

Three beer maximum

Jun 2014

Sales of beer at 2014 World Cup stadiums are being limited to a maximum of three glasses for men and two for women to control drunkenness and violent or rowdy behavior. A 473-ml glass of beer is sold at R$10-13 depending on the brand, while alcohol-free beer costs R$6 a cup. An official from FIFA partner Ambev, which is organizing training for tournament suppliers:

We’re not interested in making a profit from the illicit consumption of alcoholic beverages. Salespeople have been told and trained to offer alternatives to those who appear drunk already, such as non-alcoholic beer, water or food

A bar manager at Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo:

I think high-spirited fans like the ‘barra bravas’ from Argentina will take a bit of work and control. But drunk is drunk and we won’t allow anyone to go to excess with their drinking, whatever the nationality.

An organizing committee spokesperson:

If the seller sees people are drunk, then they cannot sell them any more beer or anything alcoholic at all. There are very strict laws on drinking in Brazil, that also applies to drink driving for example. There are police officers who carry equipment to do regular checks on alcohol in breath. It is very tough here

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