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The 2016 Summer Olympics, known officially as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, are a multinational sports event hosted by Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Games are scheduled August 5-21, 2016, and are governed by the International Olympic Committee. The 2016 Summer Olympics precede the 2016 Summer Paralympics.

2 Aug, 2015

Becomes member

South Sudan becomes the Olympic movement’s 206th member, crossing the final hurdle to competing at the Rio games. The IOC approves the country’s National Olympic Committee. IOC president Bach says during the meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

With this recognition, we send a signal of hope to this young nation of South Sudan; a signal of hope because sport builds bridges between people and cultures.

IOC officials and South Sudanese representatives are seen wiping away tears during Sunday’s ceremony. South Sudan has seven recognized Olympic sports federations, including basketball, table tennis and athletics. The country needs five federations to be recognized, according to IOC requirements.

4 Jul, 2014

Construction Begins

0407-Rio-2016s-DeodoroWork begins on Rio 2016’s Deodoro Olympic Park. This will be the second largest park of the 2016 Games.The site is divided into north and south regions, separated by a railway line. Today’s construction began on the north region. Construction in the south region will begin by August. Rio 2016 President, Carlos Nuzman, says

This is a very important day. We are very proud to see work start on Deodoro Olympic Park. It underlines the important legacy that the Pan-American Games left to Rio, and the new confidence in the success of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Today, Brazil has a highly positive image due to the FIFA World Cup, and I’m certain that our Games will be no different.

The park is slated to be completed in early 2016.

18 Jun, 2014

Will play for Ireland

Joins Team

McIlroy announces his decision to play for the Ireland team in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Maybe it was the way I was brought up, I don’t know, but I have always felt more of a connection with the UK than with Ireland. And so I have to weigh that up against the fact that I’ve always played for Ireland and so it is tough. Whatever I do, I know my decision is going to upset some people but I just hope the vast majority will understand.

This move potentially allows McIlroy to re-team with countryman Graeme McDowell, with whom he played the first two rounds in the 2014 U.S. Open.

13 Jun, 2014

International Trade Pavilion design

KREOD Architectures unveils designs of a 1,200 sq. m.International Trade Pavilion to be displayed in the Barra da Tijuca during the Games. The Pavilion is meant to look like a ship when seen from head-on and will be located on a tear-shaped platform. The Pavilion design is 20 times larger than the one KREOD designed for the 2012 London Games.

7 Jun, 2014

Mayor: Bay will not be ‘completely clean’

Makes Statement

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro says the city will not be able to keep its promise of cleaning Guanabara Bay before the Games start. This is included in the city’s original bid for hosting. Eduardo Paes apologizes to the public:

I’m sorry that we did not use the games to get Guanabara Bay completely clean.

6 Jun, 2014

Market research supplier named


Nielsen is announced as official market research supplier for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games. The company will report public opinion and expectations surrounding the games. This is the third time the company has been selected. Ragasol, President of Nielsen Brazil, says:

Organising these events is the most important showcase that a country can have. Our mission is to help the Olympic Movement take decisions and support Brazil in delivering the best Games in history.

5 Jun, 2014

Bus Rapid Transit link opens

The Transcarioca BRT opens in Rio de Janeiro. The system includes 10 viaducts, nine underpasses, and three bridges with over 120 buses in operation.

4 Jun, 2014

Deodoro cluster contract

The first of two contracts is awarded to build the second major venue for the 2016 games. The contract is valued at 643.7 million Brazilian reals, or $286 million. Construction is scheduled to begin before the end of August and be completed in the first half of 2016.

31 May, 2014

Olympics golf course delay


Work on the Rio 2016 Olympics golf course is one of many venues behind schedule for construction, and it could fall further behind if a state prosecutor halts construction unless the course’s developer provides proof that it is following Brazilian environmental regulations and other requirements. The course has already been delayed due to land disputes and environmental protests.

Tennis warmup event postponed

The International Tennis Foundation announces that the Olympic tennis test event is postponed four months from August to December 2015. Delays in construction are partly to blame. EVP Juan Margets says:

We wanted August, one year before the Rio Olympics, so we will have the same weather conditions. That wasn’t possible, and they came back to us with one or two months’ delay. Then we were the ones to suggest December, because we have the U.S. Open in September and also Davis Cup and Fed Cup after that.

18 May, 2014

Water pollution reports

The Times reports garbage and carcasses in Guanabara Bay, where the 2016 Olympic sailing and windsurfing events will take place. Olympic hopeful Thomas Low-Beer says:

It can get really disgusting, with dog carcasses in some places and the water turning brown from sewage contamination.

The State Environmental Institute estimates that more than 10 percent of trash in the Bay is not collected.

9 May, 2014

London secretly asked to host

The games organizers secretly ask London if it’s capable of taking over the 2016 games due to Brazil’s delays by bringing its 2012 venues back into use. A source says:

If London were asked to do it we would certainly want to have a go.

A spokeswoman for the IOC says the plan is not feasible.

29 Apr, 2014

IOC: ‘Worst ever’ preparations

The International Olympic Committee has called the preparations in Rio the “worst ever” – comparing them to the last-ditch efforts of Athens in 2004. IOC vice-president, John Coates:

The IOC has formed a special taskforce to try and speed up the preparations but the situation is critical on the ground. We have become very concerned. They are not ready in many, many ways. We have to make it happen and that is the IOC’s approach. You can’t walk away from this.

Many are blaming the hosting of two major world sporting events – the World Cup and the Olympic Games – on the continued decrease in progress. Rio’s mayor, Eduardo Paes:

Don’t ever in your life do a World Cup and an Olympic Games at the same time. I am not cut out to be a masochist.

21 Mar, 2014

Sixth Coordination Commission visit

Rio_Cocom_BIGThe IOC Coordination Commission for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games wraps up its sixth visit with a clear message to the organizers that every second counts. Chair Nawal El Moutawakel says:

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games have great potential for being a very exciting event which leaves many legacies. But although progress is being made, each decision that is postponed and each subsequent delay will have a negative impact on delivery. Total focus and dedication are therefore required.

Football venues confirmed

Organizers confirm the football venues for the Games located around the country, including Arena Corinthians (Sao Paulo), Maracana (Rio de Janeiro),  Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador), Mane Garrincha (Brasilia), and Mineirao stadium (Belo Horizonte). All stadiums are also venues for the 2014 World Cup.

21 Jan, 2014

Budget announced

The Rio 2016 Organizing Committee announces that its budget for the 2016 Olympic Games will be balanced at BRL 7 billion. The budget covers all expected revenue and expenses of the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee. This includes the organizing of 65 Olympic and Paralympic championships, with 16,000 athletes and officials from 204 National Olympic Committees, 4,500 technical officials, 70,000 volunteers, and over 25,000 media representative. IOC President Thomas Bach says

We congratulate Rio 2016 on announcing a balanced Games budget. We are happy to be contributing over USD 1 billion to the Games and to see that Rio is aiming to deliver its operations with only private financing. They conducted a very thorough budgeting process to reach this result and we believe that they can look forward with confidence, as they work to deliver successful Games in 2016.

11 Sep, 2013

1,000 days until Games

1000dias_630x364The 1,000 days until the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is celebrated with various events across Brazil including the biggest ever edition of the Brazilian School Youth Games. IOC President Thomas Bach:

One thousand days remain until the Rio 2016 Olympic Games begin and young athletes across Brazil and around the world are dreaming about being part of this great celebration of sport. The Rio Games have inspired those young sports people, as well as many others, who see and understand the benefits that these Games will bring the citizens of the host city and Brazil long after the 17 days of competition have ended.

11 Aug, 2013

Pictograms revealed

pictos_creation2_630x364The Rio 2016 Organizing Committee reveals the sport pictograms for the 2016 Games. This is the first time in Olympic Games history where each sport will be represented by a distinctive picture. This will allow guests and participants of all nationalities and languages to immediately identify the sport taking place.

Rio 2016 President, Carlos Nuzman:

For the first time, all Olympic and Paralympic sports are individually represented. This is one of our unique contributions to the history of the Games. I congratulate the creative team for their dedication and hard work together with diverse groups who contributed to this launch.

16 Jan, 2013

Armstrong confession impacts games

Makes Statement

IOC member Dick Pound says the organization could be forced to drop cycling from the games after Armstrong’s confession. Any decision will come after the cyclist’s interview with Winfrey airs.

The only way it is going to clean up is if all these people say ‘hey, we’re no longer in the Olympics and that’s where we want to be so let’s earn our way back into it.

26 Jun, 2012

Second executive resigns

Chief Operating Officer Generali resigns after a year in the role, following Pestana’s departure. The COO quits before his scheduled trip to be an observer at the London Olympics. Communications Director says:

The observers program in London is bigger than a single contribution, although an important one.

26 Aug, 2011

Olympic Park masterplan

The masterplan for Rio’s Olympic Park is revealed.The winning project was chosen ahead of 60 entries from companies in 18 countries. Carlos Arthur Nuzman, President of the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee:

This is yet another step taken towards building the Rio 2016 Games legacy. The Olympic Park legacy for Brazilian sports will be a training centre modeled after the successful experiences of the world’s greatest sporting powers.

After the Games, this Park will serve as South America’s first Olympic Training Centre, helping to discover and develop aspiring talent.

31 Dec, 2010

Logo controversy

Rio 2016 Logo

Brazil’s Tatíl Design unveils the official logo for the 2016 games during the New Year’s Eve celebration on Copacabana beach. The design shop faces plagiarism charges based on a similarity to the logo of the Telluride Foundation. Tatíl Design director Fred Gelli tells GloboEsporte.com that the team heavily researched other designs to assure the games’ logo was unique.

For some reason, we missed that one.

11 Jun, 2010

Anti-fraud plan

The Brazilian government launches an anti-fraud plan designed to protect workers during preparations for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic games. The plan is known as Jogando Limpo (“Playing It Clean”) and is organized by the Ministry for Justice and Ministry for Sport. The program is designed to oppose cartels and possible agreements between competing companies which could raise the value of state contracts. Minister for Justice Barreto says:

Nothing can be worse than someone taking advantage of these two great opportunities to commit crimes. This is a world phenomenon.

2 Oct, 2009

Rio chosen

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is announced as the host of the 2016 games by the International Olympic Committee. Rio beats out Madrid, Spain in the final round, as well as earlier competitors Chicago, Illinois and Tokyo, Japan. Rio 2016 President Carlos Nuzman announces his dedication to making the games a success:

Maybe some of the people tomorrow can rest…I’m not [resting].

Rio de Janeiro is chosen to host the Olympic Games in 2016

27 Aug, 2009

Broadcast rights awarded

The IOC announces that broadcast rights in Brazil for the 2014 Sochi games and 2016 summer games have been awarded to three organizations. Globo Comunicação e Participações S.A. (TV Globo) wins the rights to air across all broadcast platforms, including non-exclusive free-to-air television in partnership with Rádio e Televisão Bandeirantes Ltda (Bandeirantes). Radio e Televisão Record S/A (Rede Record) also wins the right to free-to-air television on a non-exclusive basis. IOC President Rogge says:

This is an important announcement, not only for the IOC but for the Olympic Movement as a whole. Brazilians will be able to enjoy unparalleled coverage of the Olympic Games in 2014 and 2016. The agreement also represents an important increase in revenue for the Olympic Movement, which will be redistributed to help develop and promote Olympic sports around the world.

13 Aug, 2009

Golf, rugby approved

A international committee approves golf and rugby sevens for possible inclusion in the 2016 games out of a list of seven sports, rejecting baseball, softball, and three others. The board submits the approved choices for ratification by the 106-member IOC in Copenhagen. Women’s boxing is also given final approval in the 2012 games. Woods supports golf’s ratification:

Golf is a truly global sport and it should have been in the Olympics a while ago. If it does get in, it would be great for golf and some of the other small countries that are now emerging in golf.


Porto Marvilha

Rio begins its Porto Marvilha, or “Marvelous Port”, waterfront renovation project. The project includes hotels, residences, office complexes, leisure space, and light-rail. One commentator says:

The sound of modern Rio isn’t the samba or even the bossa nova. It’s the cacophony of construction on a massive scale.

22 Oct, 2008

On-site inspections of candidates

The committee announces the dates for on-site inspections of the remaining candidate cities.

  • Chicago: April 2-8
  • Tokyo: April 14-20
  • Rio de Janeiro: April 27-May 3
  • Madrid: May 4-9

The length of visits is extended from four days to seven. 10 members evaluate each city before submitting a report.

4 Jun, 2008

Three bids eliminated


The number of cities in the running to host the games drops from seven to four as Doha, Prague, and Baku are eliminated from the list of potential candidates. Chicago, Madrid, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro remain as possible hosts. IOC president Jacques Rogge makes a statement:

All bids were of a high standard. It’s a tribute to the health of the Olympic Movement that the field was so strong.

While Chicago is the strongest contender in terms of infrastructure, financial assets, and management, an IOC evaluation report ranks both Tokyo and Madrid higher than the American city.

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