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Aaliyah Haughton

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Aaliyah Dana Haughton, a singer and actress, was born in 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. Raised in Detroit, Michigan, she competed on Star Search at age 11 and performed with Gladys Knight, the former wife of her uncle and manager, Barry Hankerson, at a five-night stand in Las Vegas. She signed a contract with Jive Records at the age of 12 and came to popular acclaim in 1994. On her way home from a music video shoot in 2001, a plane crash killed Aaliyah and eight members of her film crew. She was 22 years old.

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17 Nov, 2014

Responds to biopic

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Executive producer, Williams responds to fans reactions regarding Lifetime’s Aaliyah: Princess of R&B biopic. People are talking about the movie and the ratings are a huge success.

I see my Aaliyah movie broke the Internet this weekend! Errbody got an opinion. Well, I must tell you, whether you loved or hate, you watched. It was the second-highest rated movie on all of cable this year so far.

Wendy Williams responds to Aaliyah movie Critics

15 Nov, 2014

Criticizes Princess of R&B biopic

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Timbaland gives his opinion on Lifetime’s Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B biopic: 

This is why people should never remake movies, bullshit happens. Now you have to deal with the consequences.


14 Nov, 2014

Producers defend marriage scene

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Lifetime’s Aaliyah: Princess of R&B biopic executive producers Chase and Farley defend their choice to include the controversial marriage between R.Kelly and Aaliyah. They argue that Kelly was a part of Aaliyah’s life and an important influence. Chase:

The evidence is there that they were married, we tried to keep it very tasteful and respectful in our portrayal. Biopics are hard people have an opinion and social media allows them to voice that opinion. But at the end of the day, our goal was to make the best movie possible.

Aaliyah: Aaliyah’s Parents Learn About The Marriage | Lifetime

Producers defend biopic

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Executive producers Howard Braunstein, Debra Martin Chase and author Christopher Farley disclose that their aim is to create a very tasteful tribute to Aaliyah. Farley:

We’re trying to honor this woman and tell this story of this journey and her overcoming obstacles. We felt we had enough of the music to still make a terrific film, and we’re excited to tell the story we were telling.

1 Oct, 2014

Princess of R&B movie trailer

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Lifetime Network releases the official movie trailer for Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B. Shipp portrays the late singer Aaliyah. Rachael Crawford, Sterling Jarvis and A.J. Saudin also star in the film. The biopic is based on the Christopher Farley book, Aaliyah: More Than a Woman, which follows Aaliyah’s journey from Star Search, to her rise to fame and finally, her tragic passing. Lifetime TV Network:

She sold millions of records and was a budding silver screen star. Yes, Aaliyah was definitely more than a woman.

19 Sep, 2014

Movie to air Nov 15

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shippThe Lifetime Network continues on with the Aaliyah biopic, Aaliyah: Princess of R&B , with Shipp as Aaliyah. The official air date is November 15, 2014. Lifetime had originally planned to shoot over the summer and release this fall, until Disney star Zendaya Coleman backed out of the project citing poor production values and moral discord.

10 Sep, 2014

Aaliyah biopic comments

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Williams’ discusses the Lifetime Aaliyah biopic and why the family needs to let it happen.

In my opinion, TV trumps motion picture. As a woman who loves to lay in the house and watch a motion picture, I feel that the family might be a little misguided in the power of box office versus TV. Lifetime will play the movie over and over. TV is the way to get your story told.

29 Jun, 2014

Will not star as Aaliyah

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Lifetime tweets that Zendaya will no longer play the role and that the film will be shelved for now. Aaliyah’s family, who are not participating in the project, were reportedly not happy with the decision to cast her.

Let me just explain something. The reason why I chose not to do the Aaliyah movie had nothing to do with the haters or the people telling me I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t talented enough, or I wasn’t black enough. The main reasons were the production value wasn’t there, there were complications with the music rights, and I just felt like it wasn’t being handled delicately considering the situation. And I tried my best to reach out to the family on my own, and I wrote a letter, but I was unable to do so therefore I felt not morally OK with moving forward with the project.

Because it’s someone that I honor and I respect so much, it has to be 128 percent, especially for all her fans, including myself. I didn’t feel like it [the production] was all the way there, so I didn’t want to do that. And when the time comes when it’s done right and it’s 100 percent, by all means, I will be the first person there ready to go.

24 Jun, 2014

Family wants studio release

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Aaliya’s family is trying to halt Lifetime from making an Aaliyah biopic, saying that the outfit is too small to capture the scope of her life. They want a big studio to produce the film. The family is consulting with a lawyer to forfeit Lifetime from using any of Aaliyah’s music, photos and videos. Aaliyah’s cousin, Jomo Hankerson:

The problem that we have is that Aaliyah was an icon and she deserves an iconic tribute, not a Lifetime movie. They didn’t reach out. I don’t know why they didn’t reach out. We want a major studio release along the lines of What’s Love Got to Do with It, the Tina Turner movie. This needs A-list actors, A-list talent that can breathe life into what we think is a phenomenal story.

24 Jan, 2002

BET interview

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Dash describes his pain over losing his girlfriend Aaliyah:

The grieving process and getting used to living with that kind of pain, every time you feel better about something, even in general people want to comfort you. Every time I walk out someones like, I am sorry about Aaliyah and I was like now my day is messed up.

Dame Dash Discusses Aaliyah (2002)


MTV Stripped interview

Interview0 Comments

Aaliyah chats about her style,  favorite musicians, albums, rumors, personal life and embarrassing moments:

I was at a studio, umm a recording studio, I was doing a radio show there, they had this little awards show that they did it was in Washington D.C.  and I was doing a drop and the room with the mic, the mic booth. So I’m walking out of the mic booth to go in where all the other artists are and a glass door, looked like the door was open but the door was closed and you know I’m thinking I am cute, have my nice little baggy outfit and I’m just a hitting it and bamm, right in the glass door and I hurt myself but I had to act like oh.no no.no.no I am fine…..

Aaliyah MTV Stripped [24 min Interview]

13 Nov, 2001

More Than a Woman video

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More Than a Woman, the third single from her self-titled third studio album Aaliyah, is directed by Dave Meyers. The video is shot just two weeks before she travels to the Bahamas to shoot her last music video, Rock the Boat. Meyers:

Loaded with graphics, the video also includes her signature sexy-cool dance sequences.

Aaliyah - More Than A Woman [1080p HD Widescreen Music Video]

25 Oct, 2001

Rock The Boat

Single Release0 Comments

Aaliyah’s third single from her self titled album, Aaliyah is released. The song is written two years before the release date but never recorded because her label didn’t think she was ready for an explicit song such as Rock the Boat. Producer Kevin Taylor:

The video is very ethereal and heavenly.

31 Aug, 2001


Funeral0 Comments

Aaliyah’s white casket is transported by a horse drawn, white carriage from Campbell Funeral Home to St. Ignatius Church. Dash and other celebrities walk behind the carriage. Tons of fans crowded the streets to pay their respects. Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Busta Rhymes, and Timbaland are among the many mourners. Timbaland:

She was like blood, and I lost blood.

Aaliyah's Funeral (Aug. 31, 2001)

27 Aug, 2001


Autopsy0 Comments

An autopsy reveals that Aaliyah suffered serious trauma after the plane crash that left her and eight others dead. The singer was killed by severe burns and a blow to the head. Pathologist:

Aaliyah went into such a state of shock, even if she had survived the crash, recovery would have been near impossible.

25 Aug, 2001

Aaliyah Haughton dies in plane crash age 22

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Investigators find Aaliyah and eight others dead in a Bahamas plane crash. In route to Miami, the Cessna 402 crashes shortly after takeoff.  The Cessna’s pilot and video crew get into an argument before takeoff over the weight of the equipment and passengers. The pilot admits the plane is overloaded but takes off anyway. Aaliyah dies instantly in the crash while one victim dies later in a Miami hospital. Emil Wilbekin, editor-in-chief of Vibe magazine:

I think Aaliyah was the next Jennifer Lopez, the next Whitney Houston, the next Madonna, the next Janet Jackson.

21 Aug, 2001

Rock The Boat: behind the scenes

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Aaliyah shares access to the making of her video, Rock the Boat, directed by Hype Williams.

We’ve been up since three a.m. doing hair and makeup to get the beautiful sunrise shot. Sometimes that’s what you got to do, it will be painful but it’s all for the good of the video.

Aaliyah-Exclusive Footage of Rock The Boat (August 22-25, 2001)

Jul 2001


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In her last interview, with a German magazine, Aaliyah says she has recurring dreams that she is flying away from her problems.

It is dark in my favorite dream. Someone is following me. I don’t know why. I’m scared, then, suddenly, I lift off. Far away. How do I feel? As if I am swimming in the air. Free. Nobody can reach me. Nobody can touch me. It’s a wonderful feeling.