Aaron SorkinInterview

Mashable interview

24 Oct, 2015

Sorkin talks to Mashable about Steve Jobs:

People have a real emotional connection, good or bad, toward him, his company and his products. There are people who love them. We saw the outpouring of mourning and eulogising that happened after his death.

He says that one scene, that combines two arguments from different time periods, is partially based on notes Sculley sent Sorkin during his research.

He sent me a fantastic, comprehensive document. If you were in the White House press corps, you’d call it a tick tock of that night…It was fascinating, and I knew I wanted to dramatise it. Especially because it differed from the conventional record of what happened, that Sculley was just a sort of a stupid suit that didn’t understand the creative genius of Steve Jobs and so fired him. You can tell that the weight of that thing that’s been hung around him for all of these years kind of ruined his life.

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