Joe BidenInterview

‘I couldn’t win’

25 Oct, 2015

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Biden says he dropped out of the presidential race because he could not win.

I’ll be very blunt. If I thought we could’ve put together the campaign … that our supporters deserve and our contributors deserved, … I would have done it.

He also says he has nothing against Clinton.

I’ve said from the beginning, ‘Look, I like Hillary. Hillary and I get along together. The only reason to run is because … I still think I could do a better job than anybody else could do.

He also says there was no ‘Hollywood moment’ where his dying son asked him to run.

Nothing like that ever, ever happened. Beau all along thought that I should run and I could win. But there was not what was sort of made out as kind of this Hollywood-esque thing that, at the last minute, Beau grabbed my hand and said, ‘Dad, you’ve got to run,’ like win one for the Gipper’.

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Joe Biden

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