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26 Oct, 2015

Family defends

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Chambers’ father defends her.

Adacia is a kind, loving, caring person, and she wouldn’t have done this purposefully…I’m not going to believe that [she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol] until they show me proof. I know the little girl I raised wouldn’t have done something like this intentionally. I raised my kids to be Christian people and to keep family and God close to their heart. Our hearts go out to those victims. It is a terrible, terrible thing that this happened. I wouldn’t wish this upon anybody. And I can’t undo it

Her aunt:

This is not her character. She’s one that’ll give you big hug, and she’s one that if you’re down she’ll make you smile. That’s my Adacia. We don’t know what happened.

Live-in boyfriend, Jesse Gaylord says Chambers had trouble sleeping.

For her to purposefully go and do something like that would just not be possible. She’s one of the kindest, [most] soft-spoken people you’ll ever meet…There’s no way she was drunk or impaired. She’s just not that kind of person…She’s honestly one of the most cautious drivers that I’ve ever ridden with. She doesn’t run yellow lights.

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