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27 May, 2014

W magazine cover

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1401205096_amber-heard-w-cover-467Heard appears on the cover of the June/July 2014 issue of W magazine. The actress talks about her engagement with Johnny Depp.

I haven’t noticed any change in my career. And, for better or worse, I’ve always had a love life that seemed particularly salacious to some people.

1 Sep, 2013

Flare cover

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amber-heard-covers-flare-september-2013Heard appears on the cover of the September 2013 issue of Flare magazine. She talks about keeping her relationship with Johnny Depp private, her film Paranoia, and how she chooses a role.

[The script] doesn’t say that these characters are ‘sexy.’ I’m not picking them because of that. I take roles that are interesting, and scripts that have female characters with depth.

1 Aug, 2008

Maxim cover

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128cover_slideshow_l1Heard appears on the cover of the August 2008 issue of Maxim magazine. She talks about playing in Pineapple Express.