Angelina JolieFilm Appearance

Cyborg 2

Nov 1993

In this sci-fi action thriller directed by Michael Schroeder, Jolie plays Cassella “Cash” Reese, a cyborg designed to seduce. Cash seduces her way into the competition’s facilities as planned but falls for one of the humans she is supposed to destroy.  The two decide to escape with trackers hot on their tales.  Co-starring Elias Koteas and Jack Palance. On the first time she watched it:

Oh, I threw up. I did. I saw it and I threw up. Just nausea. But the kickboxing was fun. It was the first time I was sent to do kickboxing. But I was 17 and I think I thought I was making a real movie, which is odd, since there’s a scene when I’m decapitated and talking … as one does. But, yeah, I saw it and got really sick. I just remember my brother Jamie [Haven] holding me and saying, ‘It’s going to be all right.

CYBORG 2 - Trailer

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