Angelina JolieFilm Appearance


15 Sep, 1995

In this action comedy directed by Iain Softley, Jolie plays Kate, the only girl in the group of hackers. which meets a new boy at school named Dade who is banned from computers until his 18th birthday because he got caught pulling off a major hack. Kate challenges him to a hacking competition. Soon the group discovers that they are the only ones that can stop top hacker, The Plague, and save the world.  Also starring Jonny Lee Miller, Mathew Lilliard, and Fisher Stevens. What the movie makes her think of:

Well, oddly, love.  That’s where I met Jonny, who is still a great friend. So I think of him when I think of that. Although, I’m sure the movie looks so ancient now, but we had a lot of fun making that.

Hackers Official Trailer #1 - Matthew Lillard Movie (1995) HD

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