Artem LobovMakes Statement

Criticises ‘pussies’ with padded records

23 Mar, 2017

Lobov compares his style of fighting to those who — he says — select easy opponents.

The game is filled with pussies, you know what I mean? It’s filled with them guys. Of course, how cool is it, you know, you go in there, you tell all your mates that you’re going to be fighting and you go in and you kill the guy in 10 seconds. It looks great, of course. It’s not like me. I come in there and I’m taking on the best guy in the f-cking city or in the area or whatever and we have an absolute war and it’s three rounds and I’m beat up and I can’t even f-cking train for four or five weeks. Of course, that’s the hard road. It’s not pretty, it’s not easy, but I felt that if you want to be a fighter, if you want to be in the sport, then this is the right approach. So hopefully in time it will change. I will keep exposing all of the guys that are padding their records, I will keep pointing the finger at them and I will never have respect for anyone who tries to pad his record. If you want my respect, you gotta earn it. And I always give credit where credit is due.

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