Others may be charged

A joint state and federal investigation into Roof’s activities has widened to include other persons that may have had knowledge of Roof’s plans. Investigators are reviewing cell phone and computer records to determine how much others knew. It is unclear what, if any, charges Roof’s associates would face.

Ends Trump relationship

Serta end its licensing agreement, saying it will will stop manufacturing and selling Trump Home-branded mattresses, due to remarks he made in June 16 speech. Serta values diversity and does not agree with nor endorse the recent statements made by Mr. Trump. Serta is in the process of unwinding our relationship.

Hardware store refuses service

Jeff Amyx, owner of Amyx Hardware and Roofing Supplies is refusing to allow gays in his store. He says he is fed up with all of the positive feedback following the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. Would you let a child molester come in your home, around your kids? Of course not. So why […]

Raises $45 million

Clinton sets a fundraising record by raising $45 million in the opening quarter of her campaign. The previous fundraising record was set by President Obama, who raised $42 million in the first quarter of 2011. According to the campaign, 91 percent of the donations it received were $100 or less.

Severs ties with Trump

Macy’s is ending its business relationship with Trump, and will drop Trump’s menswear collection. Macy’s is a company that stands for diversity and inclusion. We have no tolerance for discrimination in any form. We welcome all customers, and respect for the dignity of all people is a cornerstone of our culture. We are disappointed and distressed […]

Daytona race flag exchange

NASCAR is exchanging fan’s Confederate flags with American flags at the Daytona race this weekend. Daytona President Chitwood announces the race will not ban Confederate flags since fans had already purchased tickets for races, but anyone wishing to part ways with their Confederate flag will be offered an American replacement. For us, we’re celebrating the […]

After the flag, calls for more changes

Jackson applauds efforts to remove the Confederate battle flag from South Carolina Statehouse grounds, but says healthcare, education, voting laws and the prison system are areas that should be reviewed. There is a mood shift in the country, and we must seize upon the positiveness of that mood shift. I think some people who had one […]

Neighbors pay tribute to victims

Neighbors in the Henderson county town of Zirconia pay tribute to 31 year old John Fink and his nine-year-old son, James. According to Spartanburg County Coroner, Fink was driving the tanker truck that overturned and caught fire Saturday morning. Neighbors say Fink was a nice person and that his son was “a little man” with intellectual curiosity. Fink is survived […]

All lanes reopen

All lanes of I-26 in Spartanburg County (South Carolina) are open after crews work more than 36 hours to repair damage caused by a triple fatal traffic accident. The cause of the accident is under investigation by the SC Highway Patrol.