Malik Bendjelloul dead at 36

Bendjelloul throws himself in front of an oncoming subway trainin Stockholm, Sweden, committing suicide. Police: He jumped in front of a fast-moving metro train. It traumatized both the train conductor and witnesses. The SL [Metro Co.] is working with trauma and crises handling with the train conductor. His older Brother, Johar Bendjelloul, says that he […]

The Death and Life of Bobby Z

Walker stars in and produces The Death and Life of Bobby Z as Tim Kearney, the body double for Bobby Z used by the American embassy. The film follows the attempts by Don Huertero, a Mexican drug lord, to find and Kill Bobby Z, a drug dealer who broke his daughter’s heart and led her to […]


Walker stars in Hours, a thriller film set in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina. Walker plays Nolan Hayes, the father of a newborn baby. Unfortunately, the hurricane floods the hospital and kills the power keeping the neonatal incubators running, and keeping his baby alive. He struggles in a life or death situation on his own as […]

Vehicle 19

Walker plays Michael Woods in Vehicle 19, an action thriller originally released in South Africa. Woods, a foreign traveler, unknowingly picks up a rental car that will tie him to a web or corrupt local police. He must clear his name, but also stay alive.

Fast and Furious 6

Walker plays Brian O’Connor in the sixth installment of the Fast and Furious series. In this film, Hobbs has Dom and Brian reassemble their crew in order to take down a mastermind who commands an organization of mercenary drivers across 12 countries. If they can pull this off, they have been promised full pardons for all. […]

Pawn Shop Chronicles

Walker stars in Pawn Shop Chronicles, a crime comedy film centered around the events in and around a pawn shop that tells the story of three overlapping lives involving items found within the store. Walker’s character is Raw Dog, a meth addict who plots to rob a local dealer of his stash, but the plan […]


Walker stars in Timeline, science fiction adventure movie, based on the book by Michael Crichton. Walker plays Chris Johnson, who leads a team of present-day archaeologists who are sent back in time to rescue their professor. The majority of the movie then takes place in medieval France during a battle. There’s nothing cooler than knights […]

Joy Ride

Walker plays Lewis Thomas in Joy Ride, a thriller road film. Lewis, in an attempt to win his childhood friend’s heart, offers to take her home from college. On the road, they encounter a murderous truck driver, Rusty Nail, and take it upon themselves to bring him to justice. Joyride was an awesome script, I […]

Turbo-Charged Prelude

Walker acts in the Fast and Furious related short film, Turbo-Charged Prelude, in 2003 as Brian O’Connor. It is a 6-minute series of sequences that lead up to the Fast and Furious sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious. New prints of the first film, known as Tricked Out Edition, will include the short.

Into the Blue

Walker plays Jared Cole in 2005 action film Into the Blue. Jared is among a group of divers who find themselves in trouble with a drug lord after they accidentally find the illegal cargo of a sunken airplane. At any given time working out there in Iceland we had 300 extras. It would be really stressful […]

Running Scared

Walker stars in Running Scared as Joey Gazelle, a low-level mafioso for the Mafia member Tommy Perello. When a drug deal goes wrong, Joey is given the gun that killed several crooked cops and told to dispose of it. I was going home with this character every day. A girlfriend of mine came out to […]

Eight Below

Walker plays as Jerry Shepard in Disney’s Eight Below. The film is an adventure drama set in Antarctica, where brutal cold forces two explorers to leave their team of sled dogs behind as they fend for survival. Shepard vows to return to rescue them. I spent almost a month, eight to ten hours a day, […]

Flags of Our Fathers

Walker stars as Hank Hansen in Flags of Our Fathers, an American war film based on the book by James Bradley and Ron Powers about the 1945 Battle of Iwo Jima. The movie tells the story of the five Marines and one Navy Corpsman who were involved in raising the flag on Iwo Jima, and the […]

Stories USA

Walker plays Mikey in the film Stories USA. The movie compiles six cinematic stories about desperate lives in America. Walker is in the segment titled Life Makes Sense When You Are Famous, which portrays a down on his luck man and a movie star who are brought together by a car accident.

Varsity Blues

Walker plays Coyote quarterback Lance Harbor in the 1999 film Varsity Blues. It is a high grossing coming of age sports drama that follows a small town high school football team and their overbearing coach through a rocky football season. The team deals with various adolescent issues and pressures in a football obsessed town, where losing […]


Walker plays Skip Martin in the 1998 film Pleasantville. In the film, twins David and Jennifer are magically transported to Pleasantville, the location of a black and white 1950’s sitcom. Walker’s character has a love interest with Jennifer. As far as preparation, I was pretty new coming into it. I consider myself really lucky…I didn’t […]

Meet the Deedles

Walker stars in Meet the Deedles as Phil Deedle. He and his fraternal twin, Stew Deedle played by Steve Van Wormer, are surf bums living off their wealthy father in Hawaii. The two are expelled from high school for truancy and their father decides to send them to a boot camp in Yellowstone National Park in […]

Tammy and the T-Rex

Walker plays Michael, the boyfriend of Tammy, who is bullied by a boy named Billy in Tammy and the T-Rex. When a violent fight with Billy leaves Michael comatose in the hospital, his brain is put inside an animatronic dinosaur. When Tammy realizes the dinosaur is Michael, she searches for a more suitable body for him.

Highway to Heaven

Walker plays Todd Bryant in Highway to Heaven, an American television drama series on NBC. The show centers around an angel sent to earth on probation with a human companion. The two are given assignments to complete by God to help troubled souls.

Jared Leto born in Bossier City, Louisiana

Jared Leto is born in Bossier City, Louisiana to Constance Leto and Anthony Bryant. He has a brother named Shannon. When Leto is eight, the family moves in with Leto’s maternal grandparents following his own parents’ divorce. His mother having joined the hippie movement, Leto is influenced by artists, musicians, photographers, painters and people in […]

Mr. Nobody

Leto stars as Nemo Nobody in Mr. Nobody, a science fiction film based on the idea that one choice can change the whole course of your life. The movie examines the different lives that could be lived by Nemo based on his own choices.

Dallas Buyers Club

Leto stars in Dallas Buyers Club as Ron Woodroof, a hustler who works with an electrician to help get medication to AIDS patients after he is diagnosed with the disease himself. The film is a drama set in 1985. My character actually isn’t real. She’s an amalgamation of several people. I base her on some people […]

The Dark Knight Rises

Bale stars as Batman and Bruce Wayne in the third installment of the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises. Eight years after the Joker’s reign of anarchy, the Dark Knight must return to defend Gotham City against the enigmatic jewel thief Catwoman (Halle Berry) and the ruthless mercenary Bane (Tom Hardy) as the city teeters on […]

Empire of the Sun

Bale plays Jim Graham in Stephen Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun, a film portraying a young English boy’s struggle to survive in Shanghai under Japanese occupation during WWII. Bale is offered the role after starring in the made for TV movie Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna. Amy Irving, Bale’s co-star in the television movie, recommended Bale to her then-husband, Steven […]

The Fighter

Bale plays Dicky Eklund in The Fighter, a film depicting the early years of boxer “Irish” Micky Ward and his brother, played by Mark Wahlberg, who helps train him before going pro in the mid 1980s. Dicky has a very squirrelly way of fighting and that came to me through really hardcore boxing training.

Maid in Manhattan

Lopez stars as Marisa Ventura in the movie Maid in Manhattan, a romantic comedy about a single mother working as a maid in a classy Manhattan hotel. She stars opposite Ralph Fiennes. This was a really, really collaborative project, which actually made it fun and stressful at times. Because when you have a lot of […]

Father’s Shadow

Lambert makes her acting debut on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in an episode titled Father’s Shadow. She plays an actress who falls for a producer who she later claims sexually assaults her. This was really nerve-racking all around, but also exciting because I’ve never acted before. And then playing an actress trying […]


Bale plays Jack Kelly in Newsies, a musical based on the New York City newsboy strike of 1899.

The Dark Knight

Bale returns as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, sequel to Batman Begins. When Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent launch an assault on the mob, the Joker, Heath Ledger’s last major role,  turns Gotham on itself. It’s now the question of the burden and toll of what he’s doing, the question can this be a […]

I’m Not There

Bale plays Jack Rollins and Pastor John in I’m Not There, a biographical musical film about the different facet’s of Bob Dylan’s life and public persona.

Swing Kids

Bale plays Thomas Berger in Swing Kids. The film is a musical drama set in pre-WWII Germany. Thomas and his friend Peter attempt to be swing kids by night and Hitler Youth by day.

3:10 to Yuma

Bale stars as Dan Evans in 3:10 to Yuma, a western about a small-time rancher who agrees to hold a captured outlaw who is awaiting a train to Yuma. Russell Crowe co-stars.

Angel Eyes

Lopez plays Sharon Pogue in the 2001 romantic drama Angel Eyes. Sharon is a tough police officer who begins a relationship with a mysterious man played by Jim Caviezel. Problems arise as not everything is as it seems.

Velvet Goldmine

Bale plays journalist Arthur Stuart in Velvet Goldmine, a British movie set during the glam rock days of the 1970’s that follows the life of the fictional pop star Brain Slade. The movie co-stars Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

American Psycho

Bale plays Patrick Bateman in the cult psychological thriller American Psycho, based on the book by Bret Easton-Ellis. Bateman is a wealthy New York investor who tries to hide his alternate psychopathic ego from his friends as he begins to be taken over by his fantasies. In a later interview he says: I never viewed Patrick Bateman […]


Lopez stars as Slim in the drama-thriller Enough, a movie based on the New York Times bestseller Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen. Slim is an abused wife used to being on the run from her husband. Eventually, she learns to fight back: And it’s really not about, it’s about empowering yourself in any situation, […]

The Prestige

Bale stars as Alfred Borden in The Prestige, a movie in which a rivalry between two magicians becomes all-consuming when they attempt the ultimate illusion. I read The Prestige again after I finished Batman, but I wasn’t sure if Chris just wanted to keep me as Bruce Wayne in his eyes and that was it, and he wouldn’t […]

Batman Begins

Bale plays Bruce Wayne and Batman in Batman Begins. After training with his mentor, Batman begins his war on crime to free the crime-ridden Gotham City from corruption that the Scarecrow and the League of Shadows have cast upon it. I’m really happy with how it came out, I think Chris (Nolan) has made a movie […]


Lopez portrays Selena, a well-known Tejano music star, in this biographical musical drama about her life and career. Selena is a beloved recording artist among Mexican-American and Hispanic communities in both the United States and Mexico, until she is murdered by the president of her fan club at the young age of 23. This is […]


Lopez plays Ricki in the 2003 movie Gigli. The movie is a violent story about how a criminal lesbian, a tough-guy hit-man with a heart of gold, and a mentally challenged man come to be best friends through a hostage. The movie is a critical and financial failure.


Lopez plays Terri Flores in the 1997 adventure-horror film Anaconda. Terri is part of a National Geographic film crew taken hostage by an insane hunter bent on capturing the world’s largest and most dangerous snake.

U Turn

Lopez plays Grace McKenna in U Turn. Grace is the love interest of  a young punk drifter heading to Vegas to pay off his gambling debt before the Russian mafia kills him. He meets her when he is forced to stop in a Arizona town where things go from bad to worse.

The Cell

Lopez plays Catherine Dean, child psychologist, in The Cell, a science fiction psychological thriller. An FBI agent persuades Catherine, who is adept with a new experimental technology, to enter the mind of a comatose serial killer in order to learn where he has hidden his latest kidnap victim.


Lopez voices Azteca, worker ant and friend to Z, a rather neurotic ant who tries to break from his totalitarian society while attempting to win the affection of the princess he loves.

An Unfinished Life

Lopez stars as Jean Gilkyson in An Unfinished Life. Gilkyson is a down on her luck woman desperate to provide care for her daughter. She moves in with her father in-law from whom she is estranged. Together they find a way to forgive and form a new bond.


Lopez plays Charlotte Cantilini, a woman with terrible dating luck in Monster-in-Law. That is, until she meets the perfect man, Kevin, who has only one flaw: his merciless mother who will do anything to destroy their relationship.

Shall we Dance?

Lopez plays Paulina, the beautiful dance instructor, in Shall we Dance? The romantic comedy follows a bored, overworked Estate Lawyer who, upon first sight of Paulina, signs up for ballroom dancing lessons.

Jersey Girl

Lopez plays Gertrude in the 2004 film Jersey Girl alongside Ben Affleck, who plays her husband Oliver. After Gertrude’s death, Oliver throws himself into his work until he has a personal blowup. This sidelines his career and makes him realize he must learn how to take care of his precocious daughter.

Monster in the Closet

Monster in the Closet is released as Walker’s first movie appearance. He plays Professor Bennet. The film focuses on a series of San Francisco murders that all happen inside closets. A reporter and his scientist friend decide to uncover the monster killer and save California. The film contains comic and subtle references to homosexuality.