Paul WalkerFilm Appearance


10 Mar, 2013

Walker stars in Hours, a thriller film set in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina. Walker plays Nolan Hayes, the father of a newborn baby. Unfortunately, the hurricane floods the hospital and kills the power keeping the neonatal incubators running, and keeping his baby alive. He struggles in a life or death situation on his own as minutes become hours and the incubator runs out of power.

When we first made it I thought that this would be a fun journey, but I didn’t know if anyone would see it because it’s definitely not a commercial movie. It was pretty selfish; it was something I wanted to prove to myself. During filming, my agent asked me how it was going and I told him that I was telling the truth the entire time and there was only one or two times where I didn’t actually believe what I was doing and that’s when I told Eric (Heisserer, the film’s director) to scratch the take. If they don’t like this, then they don’t like me.

Hours TRAILER (2013) - Paul Walker Movie HD

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