Steps down as lead developer

Andresen steps down as lead developer for Bitcoin Foundation today. His responsibilities of maintaining core code for the Bitcoin system were given to Wladimir van der Laan, a dutch computer scientist with a PhD in computer graphics. Congrats to Wladimir @orionwl; he has agreed to take on the Bitcoin Core Maintainer (aka lead developer) role — […]

Favors closing U.S. Export-Import Bank

McCarthy says that he favors closing the bank in September when its charter expires and also said he believes the government does not need to be involved in financing exports. Other conservatives within the party also favor the closing saying they view it as a form of “crony capitalism.” One of the biggest problems with government […]

Pledges $50m to teach girls to code

Google pledges $50 million over the next three years into its Made With Code effort. The Company hopes to connect more girls to CS courses available through Khan Academy or Code academy. Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube says that less than 1% of high school girls expressed an interest in majoring in computer science. Coding isn’t just a […]

Elected House majority leader

Following a decisive primary election victory over Eric Cantor last week, House Republicans promoted Carthy to majority leader behind closed doors today. McCarthy, along with Rep. Steve Scalise, elected as majority whip, hoped to make the House GOP more open and effective. I’ll make one promise: I will work every single day to make sure this […]