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Ringling College lecture

6 Mar, 2015

Hirsi Ali gives two talks, moderated by Kay, as part of the Ringling College Library Association Town Hall lecture series, in Sarasota, Florida. She talks about the story of three British teenage girls leaving their homes in England and flying to Turkey to join ISIS,  and how she felt felt when she was a radical Muslim in her teenage years:

If I’m being really honest, there was a time [in my life] when I would have gone, because [in Islam] we are told that the greatest honor is to do things for the sake of Allah, and [if you do], he will reward you. That’s totally consistent [throughout Islam], and even moderate Muslims agree. The bedrock is there, even if your family is not radical. If you are a proper Muslim, you submit to Allah.

And her hope for youth:

What we are seeing now is that Islam is going through a crisis. But if you take one step back and analyze what’s [really] happening, you’ll see that after the Arab Spring, there are young people organizing, questioning, coming out and saying ‘we don’t want to hate, we want to love.’ I think there is a chance a reformation has started.

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Ayaan Hirsi AliKatty KayRingling College

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