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Cuts in line at restaurant

11 Jul, 2014

After finishing his speech at Paramount theater, Obama visits Franklin Barbecue, a very popular restaurant in the area that usually has a line of customers waiting at the door daily before it opens.  Obama cuts to the front of the line to place a takeout order for himself and the party traveling with him. To make up for cutting in the line, Obama buys food for a group of customers. One customer, Bruce Finstad, was in line with his daughter and took the President up on his offer and orders three pounds of beef, two pounds of ribs, a half-pound of sausage and turkey, as well another half-pound each of sausage and turkey for his wife and daughter. Obama responds:

Hold on now. How many folks are you guys feeding? Just kidding.

After first pulling out a wad of $20 bills, Obama pays the $300 tab with a credit card.

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