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Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States in 2008, and the first African-American President. He won re-election in 2012. He is married to Michelle Obama, a former lawyer, and has two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

16 Feb, 2016

Obama has done ‘a lousy job’


In Beaufort, SC, Trump responds to President Obama’s comments saying he will never be president.

He has done such a lousy job as president. You look at our budgets. You look at our spending. We can’t beat ISIS. Obamacare is terrible. We’re going to terminate it. We’re going to absolutely terminate and replace it. I mean you look at everything. Our borders are like Swiss cheese….You’re lucky I didn’t run last time when Romney ran because you would have been a one-term president.

Donald Trump's Response To Obama Saying He'll Never Be President

22 Jul, 2015

Daily Show appearance


President Obama makes his last appearance on The Daily Show before Stewart’s retirement.

I can’t believe you’re leaving before me, I’m going to issue an executive order. Jon Stewart cannot leave the show. It’s being challenged in courts.

27 Mar, 2015

Simon, Obama discussion


Obama and Simon discuss the war on drugs, prison reforms and The Wire.

I think it [The Wire] is one of the greatest — not just television shows but pieces of art — in the last couple of decades…I was a huge fan of it.

A Conversation with President Obama and The Wire Creator David Simon

22 Mar, 2015

Accuses Obama of Israel election tampering


In an interview with AM 970 on The Cats Roundtable, McLaughlin says that President Obama’s role during the Israeli elections was bigger than has been reported. He noted that the effort to oust Netanyahu was led by a former Obama political operative and that V15 is linked to the Washington-based nonprofit OneVoice Movement, which reportedly received $350,000 in State Department grants.

What was not well reported in the American media is that President Obama and his allies were playing in the election to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu…There was money moving that included taxpayer U.S. dollars, through non-profit organizations. And there were various liberal groups in the United States that were raising millions to fund a campaign called V15 against Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The State Department people in the end of January, early February, expedited visas for [Israeli] Arab leaders to come to the United States to learn how to vote…There were people in the United States that were organizing them to vote in one party so they would help the left-of-center candidate, Herzog, that the Obama administration favored.

7 Oct, 2014

Leon Panetta interview


In an interview with Charlie Rose, Panetta criticizes the President for not making earlier strides to fight Syria and act upon intelligence to thwart the ISIS threat.

Too often, in my view, the president relies on the logic of a law professor rather than the passion of a leader.

Leon Panetta: Obama "Lost His Way"? (Oct. 7, 2014) | Charlie Rose

19 Aug, 2014

Esquire interview


Plouffe gives his thoughts on being the campaign manager for Obama:

I’m a competitive person. Elections are nothing about doing well. You win or lose, and I love to win, and it feels absolutely terrible when you lose. We built something from scratch, he continues and we beat Hillary Clinton and John McCain. That’s like, uh, beating the L. A. Lakers and the Boston Celtics to win the championship. If he had lost, I’d have felt like I let the country down.

27 Jun, 2014

Calls lawsuit ‘stunt’


Obama tells George Stephanopoulos that House Speaker Boehner’s plans to file a lawsuit against him is “a stunt.”

You know, the suit is a stunt. But what I’ve told Speaker Boehner directly is, ‘If you’re really concerned about me taking too many executive actions, why don’t you try getting something done through Congress?

Republicans say the President breaches his constitutional power by side-stepping the legislative process. They say Obama uses executive actions as a way to bypass the divided Congress. The Republican-controlled House has passed two bills aimed at curbing executive orders by the President.

12 Oct, 2013

Ditka bemoans political fumble


mike ditkaMike Ditka regrets not running against Obama in the 2004 senate race. The former Bears’ coach, who describes himself as right of ultra-conservative, says not entering the race is the:

Biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Not that I would have won, but I probably would have and he wouldn’t be in the White House.

1 Nov, 2004

O Magazine interview


Obama discusses writing his memoir, Dreams from My Father, in an interview for O Magazine. 

I had the opportunity. When I was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, people were willing to give me money to write. That’s a huge luxury. I thought I had something interesting to say about how our cultures collide as the world shrinks. My family’s story captures some of the tensions and evolution and crosscurrents of race, both in this country and around the globe.

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