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AP releases unedited interview

19 Nov, 2014

AP releases the full exchange between its reporter and the Cosbys from its November 6 interview. Cosby refuses to answer the allegations which, at that time, had come to media attention because of Hannibal Buress’ comments.

No, no we don’t answer that…There’s no response…There is no comment about that…I don’t want to compromise your integrity on that.

The Cosbys then ask the journalist and the producer to “scuttle” that part of the interview.

We thought by the way because it was AP that it wouldn’t be necessary to go over that question with you…the reason why we didn’t say that up front is because we thought that AP had the integrity to not ask.

The AP says it made no agreement to not publish the comments.

Full Cosby Exchange With AP on Allegations

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