Amber VinsonEbola

Gets new ring

19 Nov, 2014

Vinson describes how her engagement ring was destroyed in the Ebola decontamination process:

I took off all my jewelry, thinking that my jewelry would be safer at home than in the hospital. And when the decontamination team came in, everything that was on the surface was swiped into a bin for incineration. My jewelry box being on my nightstand was one of those things that got destroyed.

After hearing the story, Chris Nieto of Zales jewelers invites Vinson and her fiancé to pick out a new ring for free.

When we heard that Amber Vinson’s ring was lost by the clean-up crew, our hearts went out to her. It was really important that we went ahead and wanted to step up to get her something that helps celebrate her life and express love.


When I found out that Zales had offered to give a ring, I was taken aback by the generosity because I’ve had so much negativity towards me. For someone to reach out to me with such a positive thing, it put a big smile on my face. … It made my day.

Vinson still suffers fatigue from the effects of the disease.

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