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More details revealed

19 Jul, 2015

Further details of Cosby’s four-day questioning for the Constand case deposition reveal Cosby describing how he seduced a young model by showing interest in her father’s cancer and promising women mentorship and career advice before pushing them for sex. He also acknowledges he paid off women to keep his wife, Camille, from finding out about his philandering. At one point, he is rebuked by the plaintiff’s attorney for his jocular attitude.

Lawyer: I think you’re making light of a very serious situation.

Cosby: That may very well be.

Victim’s attorney, Allred:

Cosby’s testimony demonstrates how deceptive, manipulative and disgusting (he is). It is no wonder that he fought to keep this deposition, which reveals his revolting predatory conduct, hidden from public view. But the truth is out now and it will never be hidden again.

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