The Fake Sincerity of Remembering the Victims

20 Jun, 2015

Charleston Shootings VictimsI’ve been around a lot of news sites these past few days, gathering information for our newsline of Dylann Roof. All over Facebook I see large numbers of people posting pictures of the victims with the message “Don’t give him publicity, remember the victims!

These people don’t care about the victims. They objectify them by posting their picture without their names. They won’t learn anything about the victims at all, and have forgotten them the instant they reposted the image.

All they care about their own egos. In a rush to show they care to the world, they feign moral outrage about the news — the same news that told them about the shootings — while making a meaningless, zero-effort gesture that does nothing in real life for the victims..

Reposting an image is not action. If you want to support the victims donate money to their families, or support the causes they cared about. Whatever you do, don’t feel good because you posted something on Facebook. It’s the laziest way to make a statement ever, and it’s completely meaningless.

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