Brad PaisleySingle Release

Welcome To The Future

13 Jul, 2009

The artist releases his single, Welcome To The Future, from his album, American Saturday Night.

I’m always striving for that moment where I feel like I did something the best I could do it, and I feel like with this song, I did that. I feel like the production is perfect for the song. There’s three things I wanted to do. I wanted to show this world through my eyes, my kids’ eyes, and my granddad’s eyes, with this look of hope. First of all, if you wanna blow the mind of a 10 year old in 1982, which was me, you go back and you take your iPhone and show him Pac-Man on it. You would have seen me spontaneously combust. I would have lost my mind. And then you want to do the same thing to my grandfather, go back to 1941 in the Phillippines and tell him, ‘Hang in there when the air raid sirens and kamikaze pilots are going off, it’ll be fine. Your grandson’s gonna play Japan twice on tour.’ He would have thought you were out of your mind. And then there’s my kids, who are gonna be like, ‘Dad, what’s the big deal? Yeah, the President’s black’.

Brad Paisley - Welcome To The Future

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