Brad PittMagazine Cover

Esquire cover

1 Jun, 2013

brad-pitt-to-esquire-i-havent-known-life-to-be-any-happierPitt appears on the cover of the June/July 2013 issue of Esquire magazine. He talks about his family, changing the direction of his life, and missing his kids.

I always thought that if I wanted to do a family, I wanted to do it big. I wanted there to be chaos in the house… there’s constant chatter in our house, whether it’s giggling or screaming or crying or banging. I love it. I love it. I love it. I hate it when they’re gone. I hate it. Maybe it’s nice to be in a hotel room for a day – ‘Oh, nice, I can finally read a paper.’ But then, by the next day, I miss that cacophony, all that life.

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