Brad PittMagazine Cover

V cover

1 Sep, 2007

brad-pitt-v-magazinePitt appears on the cover of the Fall 2007 issue of V magazine. He talks about becoming a father, the media, and luring the paparazzi to Africa.

It’s fourfold. For one, we know that’s going to happen so it becomes a plus. It’s all about cost and gain, plusses and minuses. Two, and most importantly, we loved the idea of our daughter being born on another continent, something she’ll be able to have roots in as well and want to explore as she gets older. That was the preeminent factor for us. Three, we knew that they had very strong privacy laws there. And we knew there was going to be a huge bounty on our heads and we were going to get very little peace unless we went to a place like that. And four, it happened to be a place that we loved.

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