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American Sniper

16 Jan, 2015

In this drama directed by Clint Eastwood based on a book by Jason Hall, Cooper plays Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in American history. Co-starring:Sienna Miller, Luke Grimes,Kyle Gallner, Ben Reed and Elise Robertson. On getting Eastwood involved:

Now, you don’t really persuade Clint to do anything, he’s either going to do it or he’s not. But I said, ‘Hey, Clint, how you doing?’ ‘Bradley, how are you?’ And he’s like [Cooper speaks in this spot-on impression of Eastwood], ‘Yeah, I’m reading this Chris Kyle thing, 10 or so pages at night in-between shooting, yeah, so I guess Steven [Spielberg]’s not doing it, huh?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, and I have to say I just watched Unforgiven again, and there are a lot of similarities. I love the idea of treating this like a Western, and investigating this guy and his psyche.’ Clint goes, ‘Yeah, yeah, call me on Monday, let me take a look at the script.’ I said, OK, great, Clint, thank you.

What happened on the next call?

He says [in a hoarse whisper], ‘Yeah, let’s make this f*cker.’ And that was it. I was like, ‘OK, Clint.’

American Sniper - Official Trailer [HD]

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