Cameron DiazFilm Appearance


21 Nov, 2012

Diaz plays PJ Puznowski, a rodeo star from Texas, in this comedy written by Joel and Ethan Coen and directed by Michael Hoffman. An art curator, played by Colin Firth, is sick of his terrible boss and puts together a plan to get revenge by getting him to buy a fake Monet. PJ is set up to be the owner of the long lost painting. Co-starring Alan Rickman and Stanley Tucci.

Definitely, the Coen universe was very prevalent. We stepped right into it, the story was… the words, the rhythm, the broadness, the farce. All of it was very much their signature. So, it was a lot of fun because you knew you could take those characters and make them broad, make them big.

Gambit Official International Trailer (2012) – Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz Movie HD

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