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Carl Frampton

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Carl Frampton is a British professional boxer, born in 1987 in Tiger’s Bay, Belfast, Northern Ireland

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21 Aug, 2017

Frampton confirms McGuigan split

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Frampton confirms his long-standing partnership with manager McGuigan’s Cyclone Promotions has come to an end. Frampton had been managed by McGuigan since turning professional.

[I am] confident  now is the right time to move forward and take my career into my own hands…I would like to thank Barry, the McGuigan family and Cyclone Promotions for our time together. I still believe that I’m the best featherweight in the world and I promise my fans that I am continuing with my efforts to get my homecoming fight rescheduled in the very near future.

16 Aug, 2017

Frampton’s partnership with Barry McGuigan ‘may be close to ending’

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BBC Sport Northern Ireland reports that after Frampton’s scheduled bout with Andres Gutierrez on 29 July was called off, the relationship between the fighter and his manager has began to unravel. Frampton, was one pound overweight for the bout but the contest was still scheduled to go ahead until the Mexican was injured after slipping in a shower. Frampton looked uncomfortable as he and McGuigan were jointly interviewed following the bizarre series of events which led to the cancellation of the Gutierrez contest. The expectation now is that Frampton will attempt to leave McGuigan’s Cyclone Promotions. When asked if there was a rift in the camp and if a split was imminent, Cyclone Promotions declined to comment. Frampton was also unavailable for comment.

29 Jul, 2017

Frampton apologizes to fans

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Frampton releases a message, apologising to his fans for the cancellation of his fight with Gutierrez.

28 Jul, 2017

Frampton fight cancelled after Gutierrez shower slip

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The Frampton-Gutierrez fight is called off after Gutierrez slips in the shower on the eve of the bout. Gutierrez suffers facial cuts, bruising to the head and breaks two teeth in the accident. Frampton had weighed in a pound over the featherweight limit, which meant the contest would not have been a WBC title eliminator for him. Frampton’s manager, McGuigan:

We’re all so disappointed. It was a freak accident. He slipped in the shower, smashed his face, the guy is concussed. He has a deep gash on his chin, his nose, lost two of his teeth.

26 Jul, 2017

Frampton: Fight is not bad for boxing

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Frampton says he is is excited about flying out from Northern Ireland to Las Vegas to watch the McGregor-Mayweather fight.

I think Conor’s brilliant. He’s a showman, he’s mental and he’s a maniac. I really like him and I’m going out to watch it with some of the others [fighters] from our gym, like Josh Taylor, Conrad Cummings and our wives. We’re going out for a mad weekend…I don’t think the fight is bad for boxing, it’s an event, and I’m looking forward to it. As a boxing match, it’s a mismatch but you have to give it to Conor McGregor. He’s making his boxing debut and he’s talked himself into a $100 million pay day. Good luck to him…I hate saying who’s going to win but it’s hard to look past Mayweather, he’s just too good.

30 Jun, 2017

Frampton: Fight is good for boxing – unless McGregor wins

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Frampton talks about the McGregor-Mayweather fight:

I don’t think that the fight is bad for boxing. I think that if McGregor wins, then that’s bad for boxing. I don’t think he will. It’s an event – go and see it – it gets people talking about boxing. How can it be bad for boxing? You look at what’s happening now – It’s almost like any show that’s half decent has to be on pay-per-view, and you have to pay extra money to watch it… But I think this event – Mayweather and McGregor – it can’t be anything but good for boxing, unless Mcgregor wins, and then it’s bad because we all look like mugs.

14 Jun, 2017

Frampton sends glove to London terror attack hero

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Frampton sends a signed glove to Roy Larner, a 47 year old Millwall fan who took on three knife-wielding attackers during the London Bridge attack with his bare hands. As the terrorists entered the Black and Blue Steakhouse shouting their allegiances, Larner confronted them and yelled ‘Fuck You, I’m Millwall’ before fighting them. The Londoner was cut eight times, but he allowed the other 20 or so patrons time to escape unharmed. Larner, who has since been dubbed ‘The Lion of London Bridge,’ underwent surgery and was recently released from hospital

13 Jun, 2017

Frampton to fight Gutierrez in Belfast

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Mexican fighter Andres Gutierrez confirms he will be Frampton’s opponent for his July 29th homecoming fight in Belfast. The fight is believed to be an eliminator for the WBC title – although it is not specified whether it is for the featherweight belt held by Gary Russell Jr or the super featherweight belt held by Miguel Berchelt. As Gutierrez is ranked #10 at featherweight, with Frampton at #1, it is assumed to be a 126lbs eliminator. Gutierrez:

I know I have a great opportunity and I will not waste it. He had wanted this from a long time ago. I’m very happy for this news they gave me. I know it will be very difficult, but I have the character to prevail. I tell all the Querétanos that I’m not going to let them down that I’m going to put soul, life, and heart and I will fight for what I most want, that’s why I’ll prevail.

7 Jun, 2017

Confirms Belfast fight for July 29

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Frampton confirms he will fight in Belfast on July 29th. The opponent has yet to be named but Frampton has already ruled out a fight against IBF champion Lee Selby. Frampton has previously said that Windsor Park would be his preferred venue but the Irish FA has confirmed that it is still in negotiations with the boxer over the use of the stadium.

23 May, 2017

Frampton to fight in Ireland on July 29

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Delivering a promise made to his fans to fight in Ireland, Frampton says he will fight at Windsor Park on July 29th. No announcement of his opponent has been made. A third fight against Leo Santa Cruz seems unlikely, due to the Mexican’s unwillingness to travel. Lee Selby has also been rumoured, but his team say there has been no contact about a fight.

19 Mar, 2017

Frampton donates fight shorts to Gonzalez’ father

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Frampton sends the shorts he wore when he won against Leo Santa Cruz to the father of Gonzalez Jr, who he had beaten in his first professional fight in the US.

Got this message today. Alejandro Gonzalez dad received my fight shorts from the LSC fight. Hope it brought a smile to his face. RIP Cobrita.

[If anyone can speak Spanish, please leave a translation in the comments. Thanks!]

30 Jan, 2017

Says next fight will be in Belfast

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Frampton says he wants his next fight to be in Belfast, whoever he fights against.

If I can get Leo Santa Cruz, and I can get him in Belfast, I do not believe there is a man in and around this weight division who could beat me in Belfast. Hopefully Santa Cruz can come – I don’t know if he will. My next fight will be in Belfast, no matter who it is against. It’ll probably take me a while to get over it [the loss] if I’m being honest. It’s never going to be easy but look, you just have to forget about these things. This is sport, people lose sometimes in sport. It’s about how you come back, and if I believe I can come back stronger. I’m disappointed, I’m disappointed for myself, I’m disappointed for my fans, but listen, they were outstanding and I’m very, very thankful. I want to keep being involved in big fights and big memorable nights. I just hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I hope that they remember it for a very long time.

Buys drinks for his travelling Jackal Army

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Frampton buys drinks for his travelling fans at an Irish-themed bar in Las Vegas.

I am down in the dumps, but I am not going to not turn up because I lost the fight. The people who came out here have been amazing and I appreciate it. It is very humbling – we took over that arena last night.

29 Jan, 2017

Santa Cruz beats Frampton on points

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Frampton loses for the first time in his professional career as Santa Cruz beats him on points at the the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas to regain the WBA featherweight title. One judge scored the fight a draw, but the other two favoured Santa Cruz 115-113. Frampton asks for a rematch in Belfast. Santa Cruz:

He is a great fighter and a great counter-puncher. It was tough to change my style. In my head I wanted to go for it, but I was told to box him and that’s what I did. I am a man of my word. Let’s go again.


Leo probably deserved it. It was my fault and I want to apologise to the travelling fans. I hope we can do it again – we need to do it again…My feet were a bit slow. I needed to let my hands go a bit more when I got close. We had a fantastic training camp, I felt completely prepared. I feel like I’ve let the people down.

26 Jan, 2017

Frampton: McGregor ‘stands alone’ at the top

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Frampton praises McGregor, saying that but that McGregor reached out to him before some of his previous fights.

For combat sports probably (we are the top two) but I think McGregor stands alone. He is a huge name all over the world. He is a massive star who I admire a lot but I am pretty happy with what I am doing and the fan base I got. We’re completely different characters. McGregor is doing his thing. But fair play to him. He seems to be raking it in and why not? I really like him. I haven’t met him yet. I’m still looking to meet him. He’s never been to a fight of mine. But he’s watched me a few times, he’s sent me a few video messages privately just to wish me luck in fights. He’s a good guy. He has this persona, but he’s playing the game and fair play to him.

23 Jan, 2017

Frampton issues challenge to Selby

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Frampton says that after he beats Santa Cruz he has his sights set on Selby.

I think that’s a huge fight. It’s appealing to the boxing public, especially in the UK. Maybe not so much in the States, but it’s a big fight in this part of the world. I believe, although Lee has been more established as a featherweight, and he’s had a few defences of his title, I believe I’m the draw in that fight. I’m the one that sells the tickets and if the fight is going to happen, it happens on our terms and happens in Belfast. If he’s willing to come to Belfast and have a unification fight with me in the summer after I beat Santa Cruz, then I’m happy to have it. He’s a very good fighter, he’s someone who I have talked about a lot and I respect him. I think him and his brother Andrew are two of the most skilful fighters in the UK, but I just want to be involved in these big fights. It’s another unification fight, it’s another chance for me to create more of a legacy and more history. These are the type of fights that I want to be involved in.

Guardian interview

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Frampton is interviewed by The Guardian. He talks about growing up in Ireland.

I was always quiet and even timid. A few years ago I read about [the boy he fought]. At least I think it was him. A newspaper report said he’d ended up in jail after stabbing another man. When I was seven he seemed so much tougher, rough and bigger than me. I was just a very wee boy shitting himself.

On upcoming bout with Léo Santa Cruz.

I don’t see any way Léo can change his game. He will just come after me as hard as last time. He threw 1,100 punches at me that night. He can’t do much more this time … but, even if he does, it will just give me more chances to nail him…I’ve watched the first fight a few times and I made plenty of mistakes. Sometimes I stood my ground too long. Even when I moved back I was doing so in straight lines. I got clipped with combinations as he has pretty long arms. So if I take one step and then meet him and counter I can cut out so many mistakes.

21 Jan, 2017

The Reveal interview

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Kriegel interviews Frampton in Belfast.

Even since I was a kid, it’s a much easier place to live. I kind of grew up at the back end of the troubles. The troubles were almost over when I grew up, and there was a still a lot of fighting between the Catholics and the Protestants. Now it’s a much more inclusive city. It’s moved on a lot. I feel like I should have a job for the Tourist Board. I’m constantly promoting Belfast..This is a good city…I started boxing when I was seven years old. And I was in and out of Catholic/Nationalist areas all the time. So I never really got involved in too much trouble…They tried to keep religion out of boxing, and it’s one of the only sports it can really happen in..It’s a respect thing, and people respect good fighters over here. It doesn’t matter what side of the fence you come from…People want to look at me and say I’m a new figure for Northern Ireland. I’m a Protestant married to a Catholic. This is a ‘new age’ thing.

Carl Frampton | THE REVEAL with Mark Kriegel

20 Jan, 2017

Behind-the-scenes at Frampton’s base

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As part of his role as a Live Well Ambassador for Centra, Shane McGuigan gives a behind-the-scenes tour of the house, as well as the Shawn Porter’s gym, where Frampton is currently in training. Frampton, along with trainer Shane McGuigan, manager Barry McGuigan, and stablemates Josh Taylor and Josh Pritchard are currently renting former world champion Robert Guerrero’s house in the Las Vegas suburb of Blue Diamond.