Carl FramptonMakes Statement

Says next fight will be in Belfast

30 Jan, 2017

Frampton says he wants his next fight to be in Belfast, whoever he fights against.

If I can get Leo Santa Cruz, and I can get him in Belfast, I do not believe there is a man in and around this weight division who could beat me in Belfast. Hopefully Santa Cruz can come – I don’t know if he will. My next fight will be in Belfast, no matter who it is against. It’ll probably take me a while to get over it [the loss] if I’m being honest. It’s never going to be easy but look, you just have to forget about these things. This is sport, people lose sometimes in sport. It’s about how you come back, and if I believe I can come back stronger. I’m disappointed, I’m disappointed for myself, I’m disappointed for my fans, but listen, they were outstanding and I’m very, very thankful. I want to keep being involved in big fights and big memorable nights. I just hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I hope that they remember it for a very long time.

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