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Frampton issues challenge to Selby

23 Jan, 2017

Frampton says that after he beats Santa Cruz he has his sights set on Selby.

I think that’s a huge fight. It’s appealing to the boxing public, especially in the UK. Maybe not so much in the States, but it’s a big fight in this part of the world. I believe, although Lee has been more established as a featherweight, and he’s had a few defences of his title, I believe I’m the draw in that fight. I’m the one that sells the tickets and if the fight is going to happen, it happens on our terms and happens in Belfast. If he’s willing to come to Belfast and have a unification fight with me in the summer after I beat Santa Cruz, then I’m happy to have it. He’s a very good fighter, he’s someone who I have talked about a lot and I respect him. I think him and his brother Andrew are two of the most skilful fighters in the UK, but I just want to be involved in these big fights. It’s another unification fight, it’s another chance for me to create more of a legacy and more history. These are the type of fights that I want to be involved in.

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