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Eubank Jr interested in McGregor fight, crossover to MMA

3 Feb, 2017

Chris Eubank Snr. says Junior has been trained in jiu-jitsu from a young age, which would make the transition to UFC a lot easier.

There’s a guy called Conor McGregor talking about Mayweather. If anyone’s going to make the crossover into UFC, it’s this young man here because he can do it…So just imagine him crossing over and putting to sleep these UFC guys like Conor MCGregor, taking the talk like he can deal with my guy and Mayweather, who is the Grand Master when it comes to hitting and not being hit…If you’re talking about one-on-one boxing, there’s no contest [against McGregor]. You can’t compare a boxer and a UFC fighter. In the Octagon of course, then it’s a different story.

Eubank Jr.:

[Jumping to the UFC] is not in my immediate thought process. I’ve got many goals and achievements I’m working towards in boxing, but I did MMA, I did grappling, all types of jiu-jitsu for a while as a kid – so I have the base. I could easily transition if I wanted to.

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