Conor McGregorMakes Statement

‘Absolutely inspired’ by $4 billion UFC sale

21 Aug, 2016

McGregor tells MMA Hour that he is inspired by the UFC sale.

I was simply over the moon for them. To see the work they’ve put in, to see what they’ve done with it, I was inspired by it. Absolutely inspired by it. What was it, the biggest sports sale in history? A little sport that they laughed at. They laughed at this sport. Everyone ridiculed this sport. This sport wasn’t even a sport. And now all of a sudden, with their guidance, it’s the biggest f*cking sports franchise in the world. So I took inspiration from that. That is motivation right there…If you’re talking the greatest of all-time in the fight business, it’s that. To be able to get a turnover like that, get in, get rich, get out like that, and build that up to what that was, man, I was blown away when I saw that, and I’m blown away that I’m even on a name-to-name basis with that. These are the people who have mentored me in this game and I’m very proud of that, and I’ll be proud of that until the day that I die. I have been surrounded by great people in this business and I continue to be surrounded by great people in this business.

You’re damn right I want a piece of that pie. Let’s not get it twisted, I like pie too. So I’m coming for some of my pie also. Like I said, I think I played a nice role in that number. What was it? It was estimated at two billion at one stage before I came along. I remember when I first started here, it was a two-billion dollar franchise. I remember hearing that much. And now, since I came on, it’s four billion. And the year before it was sold is my year, numbers-wise. I played a nice role in that too, so the number motivated me.

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