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Agent backs McGregor’s equity demand

30 Nov, 2016

Attar, McGregor’s agent, supports his fighter’s demand for equity in UFC. The two pay-per-view events McGregor headlined in 2015 brought in over a quarter of the UFC’s pay-per-view buys — the equivalent of $50M in earnings; in 2016 McGregor has doubled his pay-per-view buys accounting for $100 million in earnings.

When you’re starting to get more and more information on the economics of the sport, and when you really start to learn how much Conor drove that business and that growth, it’s a fair question for any businessman to ask: if he’s getting his fair share. Especially since there’s a precedent now where active athletes in other sports are getting ownership in a company you’re helping drive to the next level.

McGregor and Attar have yet to speak with Ari Emanuel and WME-IMG’s other top execs since they joined Dana White at the company.

We want to understand if that’s going to be different now. The time has come for all of us to sit down and have that discussion.

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