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Aldo: McGregor rematch ‘will never happen’

26 May, 2017

In advance of his June 3 fight with Max Holloway, Aldo says he doesn’t expect to get a second shot at McGregor.

Everybody says things today that I don’t even understand why. Conor was good for one side, let’s say, because he brought more attention to the division and to myself. On another side, to talk about the fight, man, that’s in the past…Everybody still asks me if I want or if I don’t want [to fight him again]. That’s not up to me. That’s up to the UFC, and we know it will never happen. I don’t even know if he will come back to fight. The UFC tried to do a [second] fight and he didn’t want it, didn’t accept it, because what happened will never happen again.

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